Watch Arabic Movies 2013 – Egyptian Movies 2013

Watch Arabic Movies 2013

If you want to watch Arabic Egyptian Movies 2013, here is a short list of movies that are going to be released sometime during 2013.

2013 is going to be strange year in Egyptian Cinema. With the political turmoil and instability, all production dates are tentative to our knowledge. However, here are some Arabic Movies that are going are in the works, and originally were dated to be released in 2013.

Watch Elkharoug Lel Nahar Online – Watch Coming Forth by Night

There is not much written about this movie, but Nadia El Guindy stars in it and plays a nurse. Co-staring Salma Al Nagar

Watch Dalida Online Free

Probably the most inticipated Arabic Egyptian Movie of 2013, is a movie based on the life of Dalida. Dalida born in the Cairo Naighbourhood of Shobra to Italian Parents was one of the most famous Egyptian Singers/Actresses of all time.

Dalida won numerous awards, well over 30, including Oscars.

Although Dalida had International fame and a huge fan based following, her life was full of dramtic circumstances and a sad ending.

Watch Dalida Online Free as soon as it is released. Of course we will have it for you.

Watch Ala Gothety Online FreeEnglish Title: Over My Dead Body (Arabic Movie produced in Egypt)

This moveie slated to be released in 2013 stars Ghada Adel, Ahmad Helmy and Hassan Hosny.

The movie centers a man that wakes up from a coma, injured he thinks everyone around him is out to get him. The movie combines the social woes of everyday Cairo woes with hilarious drama.

As soon as the movie is released, watch it here on

Until then, please feel free to browse around and enjoy many of our Arabic Egyptian Movies Online Free.