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Watch Bentein men Masr Online Free and watch Arabic Movies Online free on This Egyptian Arabic Movie was produced in before the Egyptain Revolution, but was released after the revolution, so the director took some scenes from the Arab Spring and put them in the beginning of the movie

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Bentein Min Masr, follows the lives of two young females, who by Egyptian standards are coming to the age where society expects them to be married. Each one with her slightly different take on life, and marriage, try and tackle this problem where many Egyptian young people face daily. Society expects you to be married, but there are too many obstacles in the way.

Bentain min Masry (Two Egyptian Maidens) stars Saba Mubarak, first time featured on full length Egyptian film, and Zeina, who plays Hanan

Seba Mubarak is a Jordianian actress who started in many Syrian dramas, while Zeina is not new to Egyptian Cinema, recently staring in the popular movie One-Zero (Wahed Sefr). Zeina also stared in blockbusters such as Sebh Monharef, Captain Hima and Boushkash

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Zeina Egyptian Actress Mentain Min Masr

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